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How to Deal With Difficult Coworkers

In every office, there’ll be at least one person you can’t stand. They’ll disagree with everything you say, talk behind your back, and perhaps even go as far as to sabotage you. Learning how to deal with those difficult coworkers is a skill that’ll serve you well in your professional life.

14 Divi Sites with Interesting Services Pages

An interesting services page is crucial for doing business online. It shows the visitor what you do, how you do it, what it’s like doing business with you, and helps gives them a realistic expectations. Service pages come in all types of designs. In this article we’ll look at 14 Divi websites with interesting services pages to help inspire you for your next Divi design.

WordPress Developers: How to Hire Top Quality Sub-Contractors

The wide reach of the internet has opened up an avenue that was never before available to the small businessman – outsourcing work to a global pool of workers. WordPress is an extremely popular platform, and you will find thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of professionals working globally. This gigantic pool of talent is willing and able to handle almost every job imaginable.

Creating Endless Horizontal Swipe Cards for Mobile with Divi

Swiping through content is something almost everyone does on a daily basis. It has basically become second nature so it goes without saying that adding it to your website can help improve the overall user experience. In this post, we’ll show you how to create endless horizontal swipe cards that are mainly focused on mobile and tablet devices, where touch is involved. Although this is a mobile-first tutorial, the outcome will work great on desktop as well. People can use the scrollbar that’ll be included or ‘swipe’ left and right using their touchpad.

The Best 10 WordPress Translation Plugins for Going Multilingual

Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to content, optimization, responsiveness, SEO, and marketing, you might still be missing out on a lot of potential site visitors due to the simple fact that not everyone in the world speaks the same language.

How to Fix the Syntax Error on Your WordPress Website

You’ve probably heard the phrase: WordPress Syntax Error. This is the dreaded white screen with an error that says something like “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected…” This is a common error when things go wrong with WordPress. Fortunately it’s not (usually) a difficult error to fix. Let’s take a look at the most common causes and how to troubleshoot it to get your website back up and running as quickly as possible.

What Is a Trackback?

You might have heard of the term trackback being discussed and whether or not you need them. But what is a trackback exactly? A trackback is...
YITH Kidshop Premium WooCommerce Themes

YITH Kidshop Premium WooCommerce Themes

YITH Kidshop Premium WooCommerce Themes is a WooCommerce Theme developed by Yithemes. Kidshop Premium WooCommerce Theme is the new WordPress e-commerce theme developed thinking about...

Theme Sneak Peek: Chameleon

I am pleased to give you a glimpse at our upcoming theme, Chameleon. Chameleon gets its name from its ability to change. Our plan is to create a simple theme that is more versatile than anything we have previously released. The theme will come with loads of background color and overlay options, font styles, home-page layouts and more! For all the juicy details, however, you will just have to wait for the final release! Stay tuned.

New Theme: InStyle

InStyle is bold and beautiful, turning your screen into a large, colorful, photo-filled canvas. With the theme’s ability to create custom, rotating background images for each section of your website, you can create designs that really grab your visitor’s attention. At the same time, the theme’s various design elements remain subdued enough to maintain a simple and elegant feel. The photos used in the theme preview are just examples and do not actually come with the design. Instead, you have the ability to upload and define your own photos for every post and page (if you choose). I have, however, included a few of my own landscape photos to the theme in case you don’t have anything on hand to use. For more info, be usre to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.
Ayoba Boys – Utshwala ft. Demor

Ayoba Boys – Utshwala ft. Demor

Ayoba Boys – Utshwala ft. Demor. Sony / Bhavani Entertainment & Investment present the new offering by Ayoba Boys tagged Utshwala. The Afro house...

Your 2015 Guide to Talking Tech With Non-Technical WordPress Clients

Imagine the scene. You’re pitching an idea to a client, or explaining how a new feature in their WordPress site will work. You’re confident your approach will help their business in a myriad of ways. But you see their eyes glaze over. There is a pause during the conference call. The client, in a word, has no idea what you’re talking about.

Using Divi’s Transform Options to Create Expanding Section Content on Hover

Today, we’re going to highlight the transform scale design option that comes with Divi’s new transform options. More so, we’re going to recreate a stunning design that allows sections to expand on hover in an elegant way.

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Sucuri Review – What Can This Free WordPress Security Plugin Do For You?

A while back we talked about WordFence and whether it’s really the best WordPress security plugin on the market (as user numbers suggest). Yet, while popular, Wordfence is far from the only one of its kind.

Your Guide to the Brand New Redesign of Google+

Trailed as everything from a Facebook-killer to a fundamental shift in company-wide strategy upon its arrival, Google+ has failed to really catch fire with users worldwide and has acquired a reputation as something of a digital ghost town in certain quarters.

How to Add Vertical Slider Elements to Divi’s Slider Module for a Unique Header...

Divi’s slider module is packed with design options that make it easy to think outside the box and create stunning slider designs. So today, we are going to turn some things around (literally). In the post that follows, we are going to add vertical slider elements to Divi’s slider module. Having a slider with vertical elements (like title text and slide controls) allow visitors to see more slide content and background images in narrower columns (especially on mobile). And the vertical elements add a refreshing twist on the overall design.

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