12 Ways to Dry Your Clothes Quickly





Imagine spending time creating the perfect outfit in your head just to realize your clothes are still wet. That can happen due to the weather or just because there’s not enough time to let them get totally dry. You can try using dry towels to take off the excess of water or using a “blow dryer + fan” combo.

We at Bright Side gathered some tips to help you get your clothes ready on time, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

1. Twist the clothes into a towel.

Using a towel to absorb the excess water from the clothes can help them dry quicker. You just have to put the wet garment on top of the towel and roll it up really tight.

2. Salad spin your clothes.

Using a salad spinner as a manual spin wash is a good way to get the excess water out of your clothes.

3. Use a combo of a towel and iron.

Lay the clothes on the ironing board as if you are going to iron them, but place a thin towel on top. Then you can iron the garment and make it dry.

4. Expose it to a lot of air.

Expose your clothes so they can get as much air as possible, put them apart from each other so they can dry quicker.

5. Check on it

Don’t just let it dry and forget about it. Check your clothes and rotate them, so they can dry quicker and more uniformly. Pay extra attention to the pockets, the underarm area, and the cuffs.

6. Hang them and then blow dry them.

Hanging the clothes and then blow-drying them will help to make them dryer. You can use the shower curtain rod to hang them on.

7. Shake them up.

Don’t wait until after the laundry is done. Immediately after it comes out of the washer, wring and shake the item over the sink so it doesn’t absorb more water.

8. Hang them in size order.

The clothes will dry faster if you hang them in size order, first hang the small ones so the air can get to the big items too.

9. Freeze your clothes.

After washing and twisting them, put your garment in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Wait a few hours and then iron it or just shake it up and it’s ready to go.

10. Use a hanger.

Use a hanger to put your clothes on the clothesline, so they can get more air.

11. Don’t fold them over the clothesline.

When hanging them on the clothesline, don’t do it by folding them. Hang them by the tips so the entire garment can get a good amount of air.

12. Turn your jeans inside out.

Jeans are heavy clothes, so after washing them, turn them inside out, and let the material and pockets dry faster.

Do you know any more fast and easy tricks? Let us know in the comments and share a photo of your trick!


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