The WordPress Media Library is a baked-in element that offers basic media file management for your website. While its feature set is generally sufficient for the average user, for media-heavy sites its limitations become increasingly apparent. For example, you could struggle to find previously uploaded images, find that unoptimized media is causing strain on your server, or even find your site’s speed suffers as a result of a bloated media library.

In this post, we’ve rounded up eight plugins that will make your life easier when using the WordPress Media Library. Let’s get started!

1. Enhanced Media Library

The Enhanced Media Library plugin.
Focused mainly on providing better media organization, the Enhanced Media Library plugin enables you to categorize and reorder your files in a number of different ways. It also comes with additional functionality such as the ability to create dynamic galleries from media file categories or tags, and insert them into custom posts or pages using shortcodes.

While it’s not the only solution for organizing your images, Enhanced Media Library is a full-featured free plugin that can be upgraded to a premium version if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to organize media by categories, tags, or even third-party taxonomies.
  • Lets you sort media by date, title or manually.
  • Offers the ability to use shortcodes to dynamically display media galleries based on different taxonomies.
  • Lets you add or remove upload support for different file types.

Pricing: Free | More Information

2. Media File Renamer

The Media File Renamer plugin.

While WordPress gives you a lot of baked-in options for tinkering with your media files, it doesn’t let you rename your media files directly. Making sure your media filenames are descriptive offers a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefit, as well as a neater Media Library to boot.

The Media File Renamer plugin enables you to automatically rename your media files based on the title you set within the Media Library. The premium version adds functionality such as renaming the file based on your post’s title, your alt text, or even manually.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to automatically rename media files based on their title.
  • Offers the ability to auto-update references to your media files after renaming them.
  • Lets you bulk rename all media files, or manually enable auto-rename for individual files.

Pricing: Free | More Information

3. Imsanity

The Imsanity plugin.

Quality images are important for a modern website. However, uploading high-resolution images to WordPress can often be overkill given that you’ll likely use a scaled down version within your posts and pages. Of course, the original version of your image is still in the WordPress Media Library, eating up valuable space.

Enter Imsanity. This plugin automatically takes your uploaded images and automatically resizes the dimensions to something more manageable. In other words, it helps you make sure you hit a ‘sweet spot’ with regard to the dimensions of your uploaded images, which of course impacts file sizes.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to configure custom dimensions and adjust JPEG quality.
  • Offers set-and-forget functionality.
  • Lets you choose between image sizes from an image preview panel.
  • Enables you to run bulk-resizing operations on existing images.
  • Offers a BMP to JPEG conversion option.

Pricing: Free | More Information

4. Imagify

The Imagify plugin.

The Imagify plugin could be seen as a complement to Imsanity, because while it’s primarily an image optimizer, it also includes a similar resizing feature. Image compression can help you to improve your page load speeds, and is particularly relevant for a mobile-friendly website. Of course, you also get to save valuable server space due to the reduced file size.

During our own (admittedly non-scientific) tests, we were able to reduce image size by over 50% with barely any visible loss in quality, which was pretty impressive!

Key Features:

  • Provides three different compression algorithms.
  • Enables bulk compression of existing images.
  • Offers a backup option to help keep your original image intact.
  • Provides compatibility with WooCommerce.

Pricing: Free | More Information

5. Image Watermark WP

The Image Watermark WP plugin.

Image Watermark WP is the ideal plugin to prevent people stealing your images and re-uploading them to their own websites, or even worse ‘hotlinking’ them and stealing your site’s bandwidth.

This plugin negates the need for graphic design skills, as it automatically watermarks any uploaded images based on your predefined settings, effectively making image theft harder and a lot less appealing.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to upload a custom watermark image and set its position.
  • Lets you control the transparency or opacity of the watermark.
  • Offers a preview option.
  • Lets you disable drag-and-drop and right-clicking on images.

Pricing: Free | More Information

6. Media Credit

The Media Credit plugin.

Properly crediting your media files can be cumbersome process, especially when you source media from multiple websites. Media Credit takes the pain out of the process by providing a dedicated field when uploading or editing your media files. The credits you add are tied to that image too, and will be automatically included whenever you insert the image.

Key Features:

  • Automatically adds credits to inserted media files.
  • Offers customization of your credits via CSS.
  • Lets you display all media credited to a specific author on a dedicated page.

Pricing: Free | More Information

7. Quick Featured Images

The Quick Featured Images plugin.

Together with your title, featured images can literally make or break your post’s performance. They’re essentially your post’s first impression, so they need to be compelling and captivating.

Of course, WordPress makes it easy to set featured images out of the box. However, changing them later means editing each post individually. The Quick Featured Images plugin solves this by letting you bulk edit your featured images. What’s more, it enables you to define custom rules so you don’t have to manually set a featured image for each post. Instead, you can automatically assign one based on your settings.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to bulk edit your featured images.
  • Offers custom presets and rules to automatically set featured images for posts.
  • Provides filters to let you apply rules to certain pages or posts.

Pricing: Free | More Information

8. Media from FTP

The Media from FTP plugin.

Our final plugin is Media from FTP. Sometimes, uploading large media files directly through the WordPress interface can let you down. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t natively support alternative media file upload options. While you can always upload files through your web server’s control panel, a custom script, or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), WordPress won’t register those files.

Media from FTP was designed to solve this exact problem. Whether you’re having issues uploading files through the WordPress interface or just prefer FTP, Media from FTP does what it says on the tin. It enables you to upload media files via FTP, then displays them within the WordPress Media Library as with any other images.

Key Features:

  • Lets you look up media files in a specific physical folder, then register them inside WordPress.
  • Enables you to set media properties such as date and time stamps.
  • Lets you set a predefined schedule to run the plugin at specific intervals.

Pricing: Free | More Information


The WordPress Media Library is suitable for many users as-is; however, if you need additional functionality you could be left wanting. Out of the box, WordPress’ functionality lacks for some users who operate media-heavy websites.

The eight plugins we’ve suggested in this post focus on extending the WordPress Media Library’s functionality, as well as closing the gap on some of its limitations. Whether you’re looking for a new way to organize images, a method for applying credits to your media, an alternative upload method, or even an optimization method or two, there should be something here for you!

What functionality are you missing within the WordPress Media Library, and have any of these plugins helped you close the gap? Let us know in the comments section below!

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