Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon
Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon

Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon 3.5 has just been released! This brand new release focuses on filtering for users and comments and on WooCommerce support. Furthermore, we’ve added quite a few display options to the existing column, allowing you to take more control over your columns. Of course, we’ve also made many small improvements to Admin Columns to ensure even better user experience.

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Comment, Media & User Filtering

Just about all columns for media,  users and comments now support filtering and sorting. This allows you to get a good overview of your users and comments, and quickly you find the content you need. For example, you can now find all comments for a certain post or sort users based on the number of comments they’ve placed!

Better Product Insights

With Admin Columns Pro you can have all the relevant product information on a single screen.

By default, the products page contains little information about your products: it shows the name, SKU, stock and price. Admin Columns allow you to fully customize the products list table by adding meaningful columns which will display ANY piece of product data.

Take control of your Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon

Up until Admin Columns 3.5, you could set the width of your columns using the width slider. However, only percentages were supported. Admin Columns now supports absolute column widths in pixels, and conveniently shows the width of the column header in the settings screen.

Easier Product Management

Finding the rights products is key for managing your shop. You can now filter and sort products any almost any product data.

Another great feature is inline editing. This allows you to update your content quickly. Do not waste time opening the product edit page in order to make changes.

Download “Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce” view – Downloaded 1 time – 67 KB


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