I’m really excited to share this episode of Divi Nation with the Community. I think this topic is something we all have to face to varying degrees as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Something we all have to learn to deal with. That topic, of course, is failure.

Whether it’s the small hiccups that come up on a regular basis or the big setbacks that really flatten you out, dealing with failure (and coming back stronger than before) is an essential skill.

Bouncing Back From Failure to Succeed in Web Design featuring Tami Heaton – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 30

In this episode of Divi Nation our guest Tami Heaton shares her WordPress story and a great anecdote about overcoming a difficult set back in her career.

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See You Next Week!

It’s great to be back recording new episodes of Divi Nation. I’ll be back each and every week with a new story from our Community.


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