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The Resurrection Hope

The resurrection of Christ is one of the most important doctrines of Christianity. There were some in the Corinthian church who claimed that Christ's resurrection did not take place. But Paul logically revealed the errors of this teaching.

The Word Of God

The most important relationship you can have in this life is with God. The word of God - the Holy Bible is God's special Book. It is not like other books, but is a super natural Book.

Why A Devotional Life (pt2)

Devotions consists not only of prayer, but in also reading God's Word. God's Word produces us with instructions concerning our daily living and our eternal life

God’s Covenant For Mankind

Man was made last of all the things that God created so that man will not in any way claim to have been a help to God in the creation of the world.

Why A Devotional Lifestyle?

STUDY TEXT: Matthew 6:6, 7:24; mark 6:45, 46; Luke 5:15, 16, 6:12, 13, 7:24; John 5:24 MEMORY VERSE:   2 Peter 3:18 "Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." CENTRAL TRUTH: Personal devotions strengthen our relationship with Christ. OUTLINE: Follow Jesus' Example ( "Set Apart Time" and "Pray Before Decisions") Obey...

Service In God’s Vineyard

The true nature of our Christianity is the seeking of the face of God, this is emphasized here in God's precept, "seek ye my face."

How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

Every child of God hears God's voice but most people do not recognise the voice of God. Believers should expect to be led by the spirit of God.


In this study we are going to be looking at special truths about God. These are the facts about God's unchanging character.

A New Creature In Christ

All true Christians are Chosen generation, a royal priesthood. That we all are made up of one big family. A sort distinct and  special people, different from the rest of  common people.

Transformation Through Trial

Transformation is the intention of God for mankind since man has been corrupted by the devil. It is a change from a life that does not conform to the ways of God to a life that pleases God. It is an inward event manifesting outwardly.

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