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The Word Of God

The most important relationship you can have in this life is with God. The word of God - the Holy Bible is God's special Book. It is not like other books, but is a super natural Book.

Tithe And The Worker In The Vineyard

Tithing is the practice of setting aside 10% of your increase or profit to support the work of God. The first real mention of tithe in the Bible is found in Genesis 14:20 where Abraham gives a tithe to Medchizedek.

Why A Devotional Lifestyle?

STUDY TEXT: Matthew 6:6, 7:24; mark 6:45, 46; Luke 5:15, 16, 6:12, 13, 7:24; John 5:24 MEMORY VERSE:   2 Peter 3:18 "Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." CENTRAL TRUTH: Personal devotions strengthen our relationship with Christ. OUTLINE: Follow Jesus' Example ( "Set Apart Time" and "Pray Before Decisions") Obey...

Do Not Worry

INTRODUCTION: To worry means to think about problems or fear. It can also means believing the devil's lie against us which has effects such as: fear, defeat, pain, stress and death. In our outlines we will consider how to live a life free of worry. TEXT: Mt. 6:24-34 MEMORY VERSE: "Do not be anxious about anything,...

Why A Devotional Life (pt2)

Devotions consists not only of prayer, but in also reading God's Word. God's Word produces us with instructions concerning our daily living and our eternal life

What Is Salvation?

INTRODUCTION: Through the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden, Sin entered into the life of man and polluted it. Man fell short of the glory of God but God, in His infinite mercy made another way through his Son according to our today's memory verse to redeem man from this mess. But now...

The Kingdom Service

INTRODUCTION: As someone that has been called out of the world into the kingdom of God, you are expected to engage yourself in the services that can bring others into the kingdom which will eventually expands the kingdom of God. The Bible says "Occupy till I come." You are not to be idle but...

The Canal Man (part 2)

INTRODUCTION: A carnal man, is a man who has surrendered his life to Christ, but still lives like a man in the natural state, that is, his body and mind is still under the control of his flesh, senses and other factors other than the spirit of God, it refers to a man who...

Hope In Christ

To hope is to desire with expectation of obtainment or to expect with confidence. Biblical hope is believing God for something that is not presently manifest. Hopelessness is the worse state a man can be in and the increasing level of suicide can be a result of this. God is God of hope and...

The Purpose Of Life

There is nothing more tragic than an individual who goes through life aimlessly without any understanding of God's purpose for life.

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