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In this study we are going to be looking at special truths about God. These are the facts about God's unchanging character.

Covenant Of God With Noah

At the beginning of history God saw the end of history. He saw what he aimed to perform, and he knew what had to be done to achieve it, and he decreed that it be.

The Tongue

The tongue is a movable part of the mouth responsible for speaking. It can also be the manner or quality of speech. The tongue is one of the smallest organs of the body but one of the most powerful. The tongue of every man is powerful but the tongue of every child of God is by far more powerful.

Resurrection Hope (pt2)

The resurrection of believers is not the only thing that is going to happen when Christ returns. Paul is not only showing why the resurrection of believers is assured, he is also providing the reason why believers will be resurrected.

The Key To Dominate Is In The Hand Of The Church

STUDY TEXT: Mt. 16:16-19 MEM. VERSE: Isaiah 22:22 "And key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open and none shall shut; and he shall shut and none shall open. " INTRODUCTION The church has been called into a place of privilege, a place of power and a place of...

Dreams, Visions And Goals

Dreams and visions are the promises of the outpouring of God's spirit and they would play a major role in the prophetic calendar of God for the Church in these last days

Hope In Christ (Part 2)

Faith and hope are identical twin. They are so closely netted that you can mistake one for another. They are indeed inseparable. It is hope that sustains your faith in times of waiting for what you are believing God for.

Foundation For Christian Fellowship

Christian fellowship is important; it can provide believers with the opportunity to develop close friendships within the body of Christ. These friendships can provide strength and spiritual nurturing during the believer's Christian walk.

The Key To Dominate Is In The Hand Of The Church (pt 2)

For us to dominate, for us to receive the key of the kingdom, we must first answer the question the same question Christ asked his disciples in Matthew 16:15b. Jesus asked “But whom say ye that I am?” Peter was able to answer this question with others agreeing with him, “Thou art Christ, the son of the Living God” vs. 16.

Transformation Through Trial

Transformation is the intention of God for mankind since man has been corrupted by the devil. It is a change from a life that does not conform to the ways of God to a life that pleases God. It is an inward event manifesting outwardly.

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