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How to Use the Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin (Full Tutorial)

If you run a website, you probably rely on Google services for analytics tracking, performance testing, and more. Managing all of them can be tricky, which is why there’s now a plugin called Site Kit for WordPress.

What Are HTTP Error Codes? Common Codes + How to Fix Them

If you have a website, you’re going to encounter HTTP error codes at least once in your life.

Pirate Forms Is Now WPForms 🎊🍾

TL;DR: Pirate Forms has been acquired by WPForms. All ThemeIsle Membership users are now eligible to get a one-year license of WPForms Pro for no extra pay. Read the full story below.

Get a FREE Yoga Instructor Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack from our design team to you.

How to Determine Your Company’s Core Values (and Why They Matter)

Your brand identity isn’t complete without core values, and your work culture may be muddled as well. When you know your company’s core values, employees can stay focused on the brand while working on various projects. Plus, employees who feel they’re serving a purpose at work are more likely to stay in their current jobs rather than seek employment elsewhere.

How to Create Circle Counters that Animate on Scroll with Divi

Animated circle counters are a popular way to showcase information (like stats or metrics) on a web page with a fun interaction. In fact, you may already be familiar with Divi’s Circle Counter Module, which makes adding circle counters to your Divi site quick and easy. However, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to build completely custom circle counters that animate on scroll! We won’t need any external custom CSS to create them. The trick is to take advantage of Divi’s Layers feature to manage multiple modules that are layered and animated with precision.

6 Video Marketing Tips for 2020: What You Need to Know

For many corporate and personal brands, video is more important than ever before. With 78% of people online watching videos weekly–and 55% watching daily–it’s a great time to gather video marketing tips for your strategy.

Download a FREE Blurb Expanding Section on Scroll for Divi

There are many ways you can use Blurb Modules throughout your page design and now, with Divi’s scroll effects, animating them on scroll becomes an effortless experience. In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an expanding circular blurb layout that you can use to emphasize four different Blurb Modules. We’ll use Divi’s absolute positioning to achieve our desired outcome and add a separate scroll effect to the entire row container. You’ll be able to download the JSON file for free as well!

10 Signs You May Be Ready for a Career Change

There are all sorts of reasons, both positive and negative, for considering a career change. Maybe you’re still at the company that hired you fresh out of college, and even though you’ve enjoyed your time there, you’re curious about what else is out there. Or, maybe you’ve been miserable for years, and something happened last week that was the last straw.

How to Set Up Custom Social Snippets Using Open Graph in Joomla

Have you noticed the fun little snippets of articles and blogs while browsing Facebook? That’s what happens when you add a meta-image along with a title and description to your webpage or blog post. These brief previews are often called “Social Snippets”. These will give the social media user a brief and concise view of your page, and should it interest them, they will click to know what's in it! In more specific terms, Open Graph's meta tags control what others see when someone shares your page's URL to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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