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5 Best Joomla Templates to Create Websites for Startups

Starting a new business venture is an enchanting time. When funds are ready, representatives are prepared to work and you are good to go comes the troublesome piece - getting the message out there. Most startups overlook the importance of a well-made website to create their presence online. A website is a business’ online shopfront. It represents your brand, what you have to offer and attracts your potential customers.

Make Your Life Easier With Joomla Following This Simple Trick!

Hello Joomla enthusiasts! Hope you all are doing awesome! Have you ever noticed that the Joomla CMS requires you to log in a lot? I sure have. There are usually two places that you have to log-in frequently, the backend admin panel, and the frontend of the website. Sure, the more log-in forms, the better your site's security is. But sometimes it does get annoying. In Joomla, whenever you want to preview an unpublished page or post, you have to relog into the frontend separately.

How to Create a Magazine Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)

Creating a magazine site on Joomla can be easy when you have the right tools in hands. No matter the type of magazine site you want to create, it all starts with a wonderful magazine Joomla template. Today, we will show you how to create a magazine site on Joomla. Whether you want to create a magazine for fashion, politics, sports, games, technology, marketing, food or any other niches, our detailed guideline has you covered.

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Hi Joomlers! How’s your business going? We bet it’s better than ever. With a companion by your side that releases extraordinary templates every month and stays true to their word, we believe you will thrive in 2020. It’s gonna be your year!

Introducing Minimal Agency: A Free Layout Bundle for SP Page Builder Pro

Are you operating an agency business? You must know you have to showcase your services and works in the best manner on your website. As it is perhaps the most simple yet effective way to attract, inform, and engage your future clients. If you too want to impress your clients with your website, then today it is your lucky day! Yes, you read it right. Today we are presenting, “Minimal Agency” a brand new layout bundle for SP Page Builder Pro. This would be the perfect solution for all sorts of media, advertisement, creative, and digital agencies. Also, it will let you create such beautiful websites that your audience will always stay attached to.

Build Faster Websites with Lazy Load in SP Page Builder v3.7.0

Since the inception of SP Page Builder, it has always been all about empowering you to build great websites. Arming you with the best features to make your imagination come true. After providing Interactions, Blend Mode, Context Menu, Inline Editing, and a ton of other groundbreaking stuff, we can now proudly say that SP Page Builder has come a long way. 

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

Events are happening all around the globe. People of different skills, job roles, and responsibilities arrange events, conferences, and summits frequently. In a world of open-source networks and business communities, events are the optimal ways to meet people with similar goals. Organizing these events can be challenging if there isn’t any suitable website to manage them. With that in mind, JoomShaper brings you Keynote, a complete event website solution on Joomla.

Introducing Dietician: FREE Nutritionist Layout Bundle for SP Page Builder Pro

How often do you get proposals to create a healthcare website? But, you refuse to build one since you're not an expert in the sector. Well, you don't have to anymore. Today we introduce Dietician, a free layout bundle for SP Page Builder Pro. It's carefully crafted to build a website for any dietary services. Let's see what you get in today's layout bundle. 

Joomla CCPA Explained: How the New CCPA Law Affects Your Business

Since the 1st of January 2020, a new law has been instituted to protect the privacy & data of California residents. The newly passed bill is called the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Why and How to Use Gzip Compression on Joomla

The answers to all your questions about Joomla Gzip compression.

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