Gigi Lamayne speaks on the SA music industry
Gigi Lamayne speaks on the SA music industry

Gigi Lamayne speaks on the SA music industry, Gigi Lamayne took it up on Twitter to reveal her side of the truth about the Music Industry as she throws slander at them.

Gigi Lamayne took her time revealing the hustle in the music Industry of still being the same for so long and filled with hatred and beef.

Speaking of how hurt she was while revealing the bitterness in the industry, she makes her retirement plan known to South Africans as she intends to quit music in South Africa.

“Your Artists Are Worse Though” – Gigi Lamayne shifts her attention to the artists in the industry for being the major setback.

She acknowledges Amapiano and House Music as the future of South Africa Music but still a setback because of the beef in the industry.

As she continues to work on her album, Gigi Lamayne has revealed to let the cat out by July and shed light on everything for her fans and to the country.

Gigi Lamayne continues to take her reign as one of the best Hip Hop rappers in the industry as she still held her lane with a single titled Fxck Everybody.

In days like this when fans desire good music from their artists, it is quite bitter but sincere to hear them open up their mind on the music industry herself.

Probably retire from this country only ( of 4 ) cause they like to sabotage. I’ll pursue music elsewhere

— #AlbumMode (@Gigi_Lamayne) March 8, 2021

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