how to start selling printer parts and ink cartridges

How I started earning big from selling unused toner cartridges and printer parts with no stress or difficulty in finding who to sell to.

I was unemployed for a while and needed to get a means of livelihood at least to survive. I saw post on how to start toners business on one a toner buyback website.  form one of the unused toner cartridges and printer parts buyers. I was happy to start because of what I read and what I saw on the toner buyback site.

Why I decide to start selling unused toner cartridges:

  1. There are lots of means of getting toners, surplus printer ink, printer parts and others. There are many brands and millions of users all around us. This gives the assurance of getting the supply regularly. The big buyback companies cannot dig to the levels you can and that’s why you’re needed.
  2. There is ready market for unused toners, cartridges and printer inks from top quality brands and printer parts with quality that meets the requirements of these buyback companies.
  3. Great prices for the products which give god margins for profit. Yes, you buy less and sell great.
  4. Some websites have the price list on their sites. Best4toners has the price list on the form. As you enter the part name, you get to see the price. So you know what to earn before completing the order.
  5. Toner buyback like pay for the shipping. They offer free shipping labels. Which means no matter where I am, I can sell to them and not worry about the shipping fees.I chosed Best4toners since it offers free shipping label and price list on its site. I mean almost everything has been made easy.

How to source for unused toners, ink cartridges and printer parts:

  1. Advert is major source. There are stores folding up, people who have insisted parts or have it in excess, offices, and so on.
  2. Through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and so on. On Facebook you can reach out to market groups, computer groups and so on.
  3. You can recruit people too to do it for you. Give them standard of what you buy. Your price list and so on to make it easy.
  4. You can have a small website which will contain information on what you buy and what you do not buy. That will relief you of answering same set of questions over and over again. You may want to check what brand and condition of products these sites buy. For example Best4toners indicates things you need to know before starting toner business.

Who pays the most for unused toner cartridges or printer parts?

It takes checking around to know who pays the most for unused toners and printer parts. Since January 2020 to the time of creating this posts I can say Best4toners and Cash4toners pay better. I deal with Best4toners not only because they pay better, but because of my experience transacting with them and others, I could say I chose the firm.

Have questions or contribution? You are welcome to do so on the comment box. Thank you.


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