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How to Create a Portfolio Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)


How to Create a Portfolio Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)

Smart portfolio presentations are a surefire way to draw people’s attention and convince them to try the services you offer. Whether you are an individual or an agency with a particular service, you must showcase your works to prove your potential. For the beginners, it’s even more crucial. Creating a portfolio website that presents your projects in the right way is a challenge. But, with Joomla, you have plenty of options to create a portfolio website easily. Today, we will know how to create a portfolio website on Joomla.

Joomla offers so many templates, tools, and layouts that can help you build an out of the box portfolio website. Here, we will show you the resources that you can create a portfolio site with.

Why Do You Need a Portfolio Site?

Any individual or agency with a particular skill or service idea should go for a portfolio site. Whether you are a photographer, marketer, writer, model, vlogger, musician, designer, and celebrity wishing to make money out of your skills, you need a portfolio site in the first place to showcase them. These days, people usually approach clients with their services. If your project presentation isn’t nice, you are out of the competition. Not only for individuals, but it is also a reality for businesses and agencies. Every creative agency, corporate firm, and design company should have a portfolio presentation.

How to Create a Portfolio Website on Joomla

Creating a portfolio website can be an uphill struggle if you don’t have the right resources to start with. Since there are two major types of portfolio websites (individual and agency), we will show you the resources to create both of the portfolio websites differently.

Portfolio Websites for Individuals

Have a skill or expertise that people are craving for? If you are a designer, photographer, vlogger, writer, or anyone with a discernible talent, it’s time to go online and make the best use of your talent. Because, these days, it’s not only fame that your talent can bring but also you can turn your talent into a profitable business. And, it all starts with a portfolio website.

How to Create a Portfolio Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)

Luckily, there are several Joomla templates that can help you create a professional portfolio website easily. For individual portfolios, we have a particular choice for you. Folium is a complete portfolio Joomla template that can serve your purpose in the best way possible. It has captivating typography and minimalist layout to tell your stories. It has 6 different home layouts to cover your needs. Read more about Folium here.

  1. Marketing Strategist
  2. Writer
  3. Musician
  4. Vlogger
  5. Model
  6. Developer

Steps: You just have to get the template form the Joom template directory and install the Folium Quickstart pack on your system. Do some customizations as you need and you are done.

Besides Folium, there are also other templates that you can choose as well. You can go and find one for yourself from this collection of Joomla portfolio templates.

Portfolio Websites for Agencies

How to Create a Portfolio Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)

If you are running a digital agency, interior design company or any business of this type, you cannot go with an individual portfolio website. Templates like Folium isn’t perfect in this case. You should use the Joomla template that is particularly built for agencies and similar types of businesses. And the options are:

  1. Floox – Multipurpose Joomla template for business, corporate, and agency sites
  2. Indigo – Multipurpose business & corporate agency Joomla template
  3. Opus – Creative agency Joomla template
  4. Rhino – Stunning Joomla template for business, portfolio, and creative sites

Steps: It is as simple as installing any other template on your Joomla site. Once you have decided which template to go for. Just install the Quickstart pack and customize the pages and replace the content. That’s pretty much it.

How to Create a Portfolio Site with SP Page Builder Pro

Creating a portfolio site with SP Page Builder Pro is way easier. You just have to import the layouts and customize them your way. Fortunately, there are several portfolio layout bundles to choose from.

How to Create a Portfolio Site on Joomla (Detailed Guideline)

Personal portfolio layout bundles 

  • Photography Studio
  • Fashion Photography

Agency portfolio layout bundle 

  • Digital Agency
  • Creative Agency
  • Agency
  • Interior

Steps: All of the SP Page Builder Pro users, upon configuring the license key, can access, explore, and import any layout bundle.

In order to get the latest layout bundle, you need to update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version. To get a step by step guideline on how to access and import a layout bundle, please visit this documentation page.

How to Create Portfolio Sites with the SP Portfolio Component

Do you know you can create a portfolio website on Joomla for free? Surprise! Yes, with Helix Ultimate and SP Simple Portfolio components, you can create a basic portfolio website for free.

Steps: First you install the Helix Ultimate framework. Now, get the SP Simple Portfolio component along with the Standalone Module and install both of them.

Once you have installed them successfully, you can create a menu item to showcase portfolios. Create a menu item and select SP Simple Portfolio as Menu Item Type. Click save and you are done.

Our goal here is to provide you with the best possible resources to create a complete portfolio website. With multiple Joomla portfolio templates, SP Page Builder Pro’s layout bundles, and SP Simple Portfolio component, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you want a professional website, you better choose any of the above templates or SP Page Builder layout bundles. Creating a portfolio site with Helix Ultimate and SP Simple Portfolio is cool but it’s not gonna serve your purpose as it gives you a pretty basic look. Choosing a template or a layout bundle will do. After all, the choice is yours. Good luck.


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