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Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla


Events are happening all around the globe. People of different skills, job roles, and responsibilities arrange events, conferences, and summits frequently. In a world of open-source networks and business communities, events are the optimal ways to meet people with similar goals. Organizing these events can be challenging if there isn’t any suitable website to manage them. With that in mind, JoomShaper brings you Keynote, a complete event website solution on Joomla.

Keynote has the system to list multiple events, showcase them on different schedule layouts, and sell event tickets in various pricing plans. This event Joomla template is an ideal event management website package for multiple events.

With the power of SP Eventum component, dedicated SP Page Builder Pro addons, multiple home variations, schedule & pricing variations, and elegant designs, Keynote is the right Joomla event template for you.

What’s Inside Keynote?

Keynote comes with plenty of features and functionalities to run a successful event website on Joomla. Some of the notable features in Keynote are:

  1. 3 home variations
  2. SP Eventum component
  3. Interaction effects
  4. Schedule addon with 4 layouts
  5. Speaker addon
  6. Multi-event ready
  7. Dedicated sponsor page
  8. Multiple pricing plans
  9. Event blog
  10. Attractive event gallery
  11. Opt-in form addon
  12. Built-in pages
  13. SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
  14. Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

Let’s go deep inside some of the core features.

3 Home Variations

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

  1. Music Event: Whether you are an event organizer or a band needing an event website, Keynote’s music event home variation is just for you.
  2. Business Conference: Hosting business conferences require an elegant webpage to showcase everything necessary. This is what Keynote’s Business Conference home layout can do.
  3. Tech Conference: If you want to host such events and make it available for people to attend, get Keynote and build a site with its Tech Conference home variation.

SP Eventum Component

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

Keynote utilizes the SP Eventum component to set up event functionalities. From scheduling events to showcasing them stylishly on different pages, you can do everything you ever need for an event site. 

  • Event Schedule: Enlist events and schedule them easily. There are 4 different schedule layouts namely Grid, Tabbed, Table, and Classic.
  • Speaker Addon: Add speakers with their details and showcase them all in one place. Each speaker has an individual page to display their information, sessions, and more.

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

The Keynote, Joomla event template has a dedicated page to display all of the event sponsors in a single place. Showcase sponsors’ logos smartly to showcase who is patronizing your events. Have an attractive call-to-action button to ask interested parties to register for sponsorship. Get multiple types of sponsors and display them in different categories. Alongside sponsors’ logos, there’s a newsletter subscription form at the bottom.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

This Joomla event template comes with the system to sell event tickets. You can divide tickets into multiple categories and offer different prices for each of these categories. There are 3 different pricing layout variations for this event Joomla template.

  1. Vertical pricing layout
  2. Horizontal pricing layout
  3. Classic pricing plan

Event Blog

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

Get visitors to your event site by publishing relevant articles, news, announcements or any other stuff related to your events. Target and reach potential event attendees and speakers with different content. It offers easy navigation with a mobile-friendly grid-based blog layout. Have an appealing content presentation with better readability.

Built-in Pages

Introducing Keynote: A Complete Event Website Solution on Joomla

This event Joomla template brings several built-in pages that you can use to set things up in the least possible time. Change the given demo contents with that of yours and you can also personalize more with the magic of SP Page Builder Pro.

  • About: Showcase event organizers with their names, photos, and designations. Describe the key features and specialties. Have a CTA button and a newsletter form.
  • Registration: There’s a registration page with self-explanatory user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.
  • Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.
  • Contact: Have a contact page to let the interested visitors contact you via the phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.

So, whether you are hosting multiple events for different organizations or building an event site for your client, Keynote is for you. Get this event Joomla template and enjoy the best ever event management experience online.

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