When a web host provider offers managed WordPress hosting, that means they have a concierge service through which they handle the technical parts of running WordPress – and that you don’t have to do any of it. For example, the host will take care of daily backups, scalability, security, speed, updates, uptime, etc. Plus, these plans usually come with top-notch support, so if you do have any questions about your website, you’ll get the attention you need. Media Temple is a web host provider that offers managed WordPress hosting. Their services are best for blogs, brochure sites (basic business websites), portfolios and small e-commerce shops.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple

While you’ll need to know how to work with a WordPress site so you can add your content, you won’t need any extra technical knowledge. Media Temple handles all of that for you, including:

  • Auto-Backups: Automatically backup your website and restore a past version to correct any mistakes you may have made.
  • Auto-Updates: Every time there’s an update to MySQL, PHP or WordPress, your website will be automatically updated, too.
  • Migration: If you already have a website, you can move it to Media Temple with the migration tool.
  • Performance: Since you’ll have a WordPress-optimized plan, your website will have better performance than if you opted for a basic shared hosting plan.
  • Security: Your website will be monitored and protected every second of the day to keep it free of botnets, hackers and malware.
  • Stability: Certain plugins aren’t allowed so that your website can continue performing well.

There are more features to take advantage of, too, as you build your website:

  • Developer Tools: Tech-savvy users will appreciate Git version control, phpMyAdmin access, SSH/SFTP and WP-CLI.
  • Site Staging and Cloning: Every WordPress website you add to Media Temple comes with two staging environments. You can design and test your website before publishing it live.
  • Themes: Media Temple has a big catalog of responsive themes. With WP Easy Mode, you can set up any theme you choose, along with stock photography.

Pricing for Managed WordPress Hosting

Media Temple has two managed WordPress plans to choose from:

Personal | $20 per month

  • Add two websites (four staging sites)
  • Get 50GB of SSD storage
  • Welcome 250,000 monthly visitors

Professional | $60 per month

  • Add ten websites (20 staging sites)
  • Get 200GB of SSD storage
  • Welcome 500,000 monthly visitors
  • Add two domain names
  • Get two SSL certificates

Prices drop a bit by paying for one, two or three years in advance, but the difference is negligible. For example, paying for three years of the Personal plan is $540, which is a savings of $5 per month. The Professional plan has better savings of $15 per month if you pay for three years upfront.

There are add-on services, too. With the Personal plan, you can add domain validated SSL for $75 per year or a site pack with five extra sites and another 50GB of storage for $30 per month. With the Professional plan, you can add a security pack for $49 per month or content optimization for $30 per month. Both plans have the option to add G Suite for $6 per month.

Who is Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple For?

Managed WordPress hosting from Media Temple is best for lighter websites, like blogs, basic business and e-commerce sites, and portfolios. Band and musicians, non-profits, small businesses, and independently-owned restaurants are examples of the types of businesses that opt for this type of hosting plan. Here are a few things you can do with your website:

  • Accept donations for your non-profit or to support creative endeavors
  • Add social share buttons so visitors can share information with their network
  • Display your menu with descriptions and prices, whether it’s for your restaurant or your online services business
  • Enhance your website with multimedia like a music player or a video background
  • Share event information with an integrated calendar and maps
  • Take reservations directly through your website

A lot of these features will require a WordPress plugin. Since managed WordPress hosting is specifically optimized for and tailored to WordPress, your website will run on a server that’s made for the platform.

Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple vs. Other Providers

One of the main drawbacks of Media Temple’s managed WordPress plans is the price, especially since you have to pay separately for add-ons. Some of those add-ons will be necessary, too, especially if performance and security are at the top of your list. Other providers may include those extras in their regular packages. Site migration also comes with an added cost of $150.

SiteGround offers inexpensive WordPress hosting options and caters to the same market as Media Temple – smaller sites that don’t have a high volume of traffic. While Media Temple has higher monthly visit limits, SiteGround allows for unlimited websites in their GrowBig and GoGeek plans. SiteGround’s professional migration service is free with those plans, too. Read our SiteGround review here.

Kinsta has a number of plans to choose from and grow, starting at $30 per month for the Starter plan and going up to $1,500 per month for the Enterprise 4 package. Their lower plans have small visitor limits, but as you get into the Enterprise packages, visit maximums are in the millions. You can seemingly scale as much as possible and still stick with Kinsta. They offer free migrations, too. Read our Kinsta review here.

WP Engine has similar hosting plans to Media Temple, but for a higher cost. Their baseline plan, Startup, is $28 per month, while their next two plans are $92 per month and $232 per month. And until you have them create a custom plan, the most your website will be able to handle is 400,000 monthly visits, which is 100,000 less than Media Temple’s Professional plan. Where they excel is in scalability – if your website starts attracting a lot of traffic, they’ll be able to keep up, assuming you’ll upgrade your plan. Read our WP Engine review here.

Bluehost’s WP Pro platform stands out for managed WordPress hosting because of all its marketing features. You can manage email marketing, SEO and social media from a single dashboard. You’re also able to add your Google Analytics account to the Marketing Center. Pricing plans are about the same as Media Temple’s, ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per month when you pay for three years upfront.

Wrapping Up

Media Temple has the features you want in a managed WordPress hosting plan. Most importantly, plans come with automatic updates, easy website design, staging environments and fast performance. Their price points are comparable to, if not lower than, other similar providers, too. Plus, Media Temple is easy to use for beginners or non-technical website owners, but it also comes with developer tools for advanced control.

The main question you’ll have to ask yourself is about scalability. If you expect to grow out of Media Temple in the near future, you may want to avoid the add-on costs they charge, plus the hassle of moving to another provider that’s better with high-volume traffic. If you plan to stay small, though, Media Temple is a top choice – plans are affordable, you’ll get the WordPress-specific features you need and they have helpful customer support.

Are you considering Media Temple or another managed WordPress host? What are your biggest questions or concerns? Tell us in the comments.

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