Obox Themes Retail Therapy WooCommerce Themes
Obox Themes Retail Therapy WooCommerce Themes

Obox Themes Retail Therapy WooCommerce Themes is a collection of templates and styles that enable you to build a powerful and beautiful eCommerce or Service-driven online business. Obox Themes Retail Therapy theme demo shows you what can be done with the theme, but should not be taken literally – how you configure and build your website is up to you and the outcome will depend on the content you create.

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In a nutshell, setup follows a flow of Add Content→ Place Content→Refine Content.

This guide will help you through the following:

  • Optimal WordPress Settings
  • Theme Installation
  • WooCommerce install and basic setup
  • How to use the theme’s various post types and post options to create your content
  • How featured images and videos work in this theme
  • Homepage configuration and customization
  • Setting a custom logo and configuring the theme
  • Using widgets
  • Setting up menus
  • Customization options

How Obox Themes Retail Therapy WooCommerce Themes Handles Images

Each WordPress theme defines a set of minimum image sizes that are used throughout the theme templates. This helps each page load as efficiently as possible by grabbing the smallest image possible, while also ensuring the image fits the template layout for the intended look. You can see from our demo that these images will scale or crop to fill whatever space they are presented in.

How Obox Themes Retail Therapy Minimum Size for posts

Images you upload to use as Featured Images in your theme should be a minimum of 660 px wide.

For best results, prepare your featured images to be 1000 px wide to ensure a good balance between file size and quality. Do not exceed 2MB in file size (typically more than 2000px wide or tall) or your upload may fail (this is the upload limit in most WordPress installs)


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