Product Countdown WordPress Plugin
Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

Product Countdown WordPress Plugin, is an easy Countdown WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce.With a countdown displaying on your products, you create something like a scarcity mentality in people. It can create a feeling of fear, anxiety and maybe desperation just because they see that the price will rise in a specific period. It also makes someone think that s/he has got only one shot right now. Buying a product then relieves much of the pressure (and the feeling of fear).

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“What Does It Do?”

The Countdown WordPress Plugin is the most powerful scarcity plugin ever created for WooCommerce. With just a few clicks you can create scarcity-based countdown-timers when a WooCommerce product is on sale.

“What Can I Do With It?”

  • Add a popup-window fixed to the top
  • OR add a popup-window fixed to the bottom of the page
  • OR add a shortcode directly in the content of a post, page or custom post type (Learn more about this by reading question 10 on the Product Countdown WordPress Plugin FAQ page)
  • Add the current sales price or/and the current items in stock in the message besides the counter
  • Select a fade in position (from top) where the popup-window is then faded-in (for creating attention)
  • Choose your own background-colour
  • Choose your own font colour
  • Custom CSS for every single countdown
  • Global CSS setting for every countdown
  • Action that should be performed after the countdown has expired: Send an email or redirect to another page. (Note: there are some limitations when sending an email. Read more in question 8 on the Product Countdown WordPress Plugin FAQ page)

Download “Product Countdown WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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