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STUDY TEXT: Joel 2:12-23
MEMORY VERSE: Joshua 3:5 “And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves for tomorrow, the lord will do wonders among you.


The children of Israel under the leadership of Joshua prepared to enter into Canaan, the land of promise after over forty years of wandering in the wilderness. With the ark of the covenant of God going before them into the new land, Joshua commended everyone to sanctify themselves, to purify their heart, repent of their sins and be cleansed from all unrighteousness and see what the Lord will do among them, that, “Tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you“.

We also must understand and do the preparations we must make as brethren of the Latter Glory Evangelical Ministries, to receive afresh the covenant of the promised “Glory of the latter house“. We must separate ourselves from the cares of this world and from all filthiness polluting our flesh and spirit, so that as we celebrate our silver Jubilee, God will do wonders in our lives and ministries.


  2. A PROMISE OF THE LATTER RAIN (Joel 2:18-23)


We have here a sincere call to repentance, to a renewal of our soul and spirit and realignment back to God. When the judgment of God is being experienced as individuals, as a church or as a nation, everyone must contribute to the common response for repentance because we have all contributed to the common guilt. Vs 12 “therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me..” we must be truly humbled by our sins, we must be ashamed for them, be sorry that we have offended God. There must be an outward show of our submission to God – “with fasting, with weeping and with mourning“. Further to this is that God expects a- “rendering of our hearts and not our garments”. Because “a broken anda contrite heart, God will not despise, Psalm 51:17 When the sinners mind is changed, God’s way towards him is also changed. “for He is gracious and merciful“…. And repent Him of the evil. In the hope of “His mercy that glories over judgment”, “who knows if He will” change His mind towards us, and reverse His intending judgment 2 Sam 12: 22b, Jonah 3:9. And after this His controversy with us, “He will leave a blessing behind Him. In Joel 1:9 and 13, some things have been denied us, some things have made us to be a reproach, but in our repentance, sanctification and reconciliation, it is believed that his blessings will again come upon us.


As soon as His people humbled themselves, repent, pray and seek His face, He will immediately meet them with His favour.

  • He will immediately pity His people, be jealous over our land, and comfort us.
  • The destroying army waging war against us shall be dispersed and defeated. When we have made our peace with God, He will ease us of every afflictions waging war against us.
  • The Lord will do great things for His people just as the enemies had done great things against us.
  • The destroyed land shall be watered and made fruitful.
  • The remaining pasture which locusts has left as bare as the wilderness shall again spring forth and trees shall again bear their fruits.
  • The Lord will give us both the former rain and latter rain.
  • And He will restore unto us all the years of our afflictions. All the things that the locusts and cankerworms have eaten.
  • And we shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and celebrate His faithfulness over our land.

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