Hey Divi Nation! We’re back this week with a guest and an interview who’s been a long time coming: Josh Pollock. Anyone who’s active in the WordPress Community and attending WordCamps regularly is likely to have heard of Josh or even met him in person. Josh is an excellent ambassador of WordPress, a supporter of Divi and the Divi Community, and someone I’m sure we can all learn from. Check out his episode below!

Talk to People Who Eat Ice Cream with Josh Pollock – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 56

In this episode I interview Josh Pollock. Josh is widely know for his company Caldera Labs, creators of the popular Caldera Forms plugin.

I’m super excited to have Josh on the show today because he’s such a good culture fit for the Divi Community—even though he’s kind of got his own thing going on.

Josh is someone who loves to tinker, loves to learn, create, and empower others. That’s really at the heart of what we do here and a set of values we like to promote because it tends to make good entrepreneurs, good community members, and more importantly for the purposes of this podcast—good conversations.

In our conversation Josh and I talk about a lot of stuff, but we kept coming back to the one thing that he credits for the growth of his business and the maturation of his products.

And yes, it does have something to do with ice cream. Sort of.

All that and more in today’s episode of Divi Nation.

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See You Next Week!

Well that’s all for this week’s episode. Thanks again to Josh for making the time to be on the show. I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as I did. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


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