We’re back this week with another full length episode of our Divi Nation podcast. This time around we’re talking about the benefits of freelancing for design agencies. Our guest this week is Amber Weinberg, a freelance WordPress front-end developer living and working out of Nashville Tennessee.

Amber has been working with WordPress professionally since 2008 and over the years has enjoyed the best of both the freelancing world and the agency world by attaching herself to one or more agencies at a time and maintaining both higher rates than she could get locally and the treasured autonomy of a freelancer.

This approach has allowed her to off-load some of the more stressful aspects of freelancing–marketing/sales, client management, etc.–to the agencies she works with while still having a reliable source of recurring income (again, managed by the agencies).

We get into all of that and more in this week’s interview.

The Benefits of Freelancing for Design Agencies with Amber Weinberg – Divi Nation 19

As Amber and I talked I really enjoyed hearing her story and picking her brain on a few broad freelancing topics. But once the topic of “the benefits of freelancing for design agencies” came up as a way to off-load work that wasn’t her speciality while also locking down a dependable source of recurring income, I knew we needed to go deeper.

I understand that this may not be the right approach for everyone, but it’s something we haven’t had anyone champion on the podcast before and so I’m excited to share this perspective with the community. At the very least it’s an interesting alternative to the ongoing maintenance model a lot of our previous guests have used and promoted.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. And if you’d like to make sure you can easily watch or listen to future episodes of Divi Nation (as well as our entire archive), please take a moment and use one of the subscription options we’ve provided below.

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Your Turn: Weigh In On This Episode

After listening to our conversation about the benefits of freelancing for design agencies, what’s your take?

Have you tried working with agencies before in a freelance capacity or do you prefer other models as a means of securing recurring income?

Let us know all about it in the comments. And of course, feel free to leave any other thoughts or questions you might have too.


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