In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with Leslie Bernal. Leslie is a freelance web and graphic designer living and working out of Texas. During the course of our conversation we talk about how to promote yourself without coming off like a jerk, recovering from a hacked website, useful chrome extensions, and of course–how to filter out problem clients.

Divi Nation Episode 11: Filtering Out Problem Clients with Leslie Bernal

We’ve all had problem clients. And looking back, it’s likely we could spot them again by taking note of the red flags we ignored the first time around. In this episode of Divi Nation, join myself and guest host Leslie Bernal as she shares her story of going from waitress to trained print designer to web designer–and the steps she takes to avoid unfortunate working arrangements.

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This Week in WordPress 09

In this edition of This Week in WordPress, Divi Nation host Nathan B. Weller and guest host of episode eleven Leslie Bernal talk about palatable ways to promote yourself, share stories about getting hacked, and their favorite chrome extensions.

Filtering Out Problem Clients with Leslie Bernal

In this interview Leslie Bernal shares how she has set up her client onboarding process so that she filters out as many potential “problem clients” as possible. She also shares her personal story of how she navigated the transition from waitressing to running her own business.

Divi Plugin Highlight 03: WP Estimation and Payment Forms Builder

In this edition of Divi Plugin Highlight, we shine a spotlight on an affordable plugin available at called WP Estimation and Payment Forms Builder. It’s perfect for creating a quote calculator for prospective clients.

Production Notes

As always, below is a list of the software and gear used to create Divi Nation.

The battle for segment audio quality rages on. However, I think I may have figured it out (for next episode). The H6 is amazing and the boom mic I’m using with it is supposed to be amazing too–so I’ve been baffled as to why the quality has been so low in the segments I’ve used it on.

I spent a decent amount of time going through the manual again the other night and found a few new settings that go a long way toward improving the quality. I have also learned a few new editing tricks in Adobe Audition that have improved the sound further still. Whether or not I can get it up to par with my Rode Procastor sound is still up in the air.

I guess we’ll see next week…

In the meantime if you have any production related questions or comments please feel free to hit me up in the comments section below. I’m always happy to talk shop.

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