Themes Kingdom Goodz Magazine WordPress Theme
Themes Kingdom Goodz Magazine WordPress Theme

Themes Kingdom Goodz Magazine WordPress Theme is the bests WordPress magazine theme. goodz magazine is a modern premium theme for WordPress. It’s perfect for writers (and readers!) who appreciate clean design and elegant minimalism. Goodz serves your content front and centre, letting the reader focus more on your work, and less on chrome. It works great on any screen – from phones and tablets to laptops and desktops. If you love your content, give it a clear, crisp way to communicate with your audience. Give it goodz.

Designs Kingdom GoodzMagazine is a WordPress plugin being distributed by themes kingdom. com. Goodz Magazine is a style-forward blog theme. Whether prepared to into fashion, design, fine art or just want to publish view pieces, Goodz Magazine will probably treat you well.

Subjects Kingdom GoodzMagazine WordPress Theme Attributes:
Responsive design
White point theme administration
Easy movement
Shortcode Generator
Contact Form

Themes Kingdom Goodz Magazine WordPress Theme Installation Process

Firstly, to install the theme you need to open this big folder ‘Theme’ with 9MB of size. Found and open a file called ‘Theme-Files”. Inside this file, you will see 2 files, with something like 3.4MB of size in.ZIP format and theme-child .zip. As a result, you need to extract/remove/unzip the with 3.4. All you need to do is click on this file and drag it and drop this file on your desktop area. Finally, it will unzip the theme and you will get the ready-to-install file.

Download “Kingdom Goodz Magazine WordPress Theme” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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