Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme
Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme

Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme is a theme that emphasizes content & authors. The unique, header-less design and the typography put your content in the spotlight. In addition, the post author is prominently displayed next to the content, making it ideal for personal branding (works for single author and multi-author sites). Alternatively, you can remove the author-focus and just display a logo instead.

The sidebar in this theme is kept narrow, to give more room to your content. It is also partially static and partially scrolling so that you can keep your most important links instantly available while adding lots of additional content, related content or other widgets in the scrolling section.

The result is a theme that is highly usable and easy to navigate for your visitors, makes your content shine and still comes with all the conversion-focused features you’re used to from Thrive Themes.​

Voice is uniquely styled blogging and content marketing theme. All of the usual landing page templates and features are also available, but where the theme really shines is when it is used mainly as a content platform, with landing pages and offer pages to support it.

Recommended Image Sizes

Recommended image widths to fit the theme dimensions:

  • Wide featured image: 980px
  • Thumbnail featured image: 300px
  • Page section background image: 1100px
  • Page section static background image: 1920px

Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme Installation Process

Firstly, to install the theme you need to open this big folder ‘Theme’ with 9MB of size. Found and open a file called ‘Theme-Files”. Inside this file, you will see 2 files, with something like 3.4MB of size in.ZIP format and theme-child .zip. As a result, you need to extract/remove/unzip the with 3.4. All you need to do is click on this file and drag it and drop this file on your desktop area. Finally, it will unzip the theme and you will get the ready-to-install file.

Download “Thrive Themes Voice WordPress” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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