Toolset Starter Theme
Toolset Starter Theme

Toolset Starter Theme For Bootstrap is a clean and modern Bootstrap-based theme designed to help you get started using Toolset plugins. The Bootstrap Starter theme includes the absolute minimal page elements, so you can easily add the rest using Toolset plugins.

Toolset Starter Theme For Bootstrap Requirements

The Toolset Starter Bootstrap theme is based on Bootstrap 3.3.0 (already integrated). It works with:

  • WordPress 4.2+,
  • the latest versions of our Toolset plugins (Views 1.8.1+ and Layouts 1.1+),
  • the WooCommerce plugin (2.3.8+)

Toolset Starter Theme For Bootstrap Installation

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the Downloads section
  3. Choose the ‘Toolset themes’ tab
  4. Locate the Download link for Toolset Starter and download the zip file
  5. Upload the zip file to your WordPress and activate the theme

Bootstrap Starter Running the Installer

Since version 1.4, Toolset Starter comes with a built-in Installer, which you can launch after activating the Toolset Starter theme (see the screenshot on the left).

Please note that the Installer message appears only if there are no Toolset elements in your sites such as Content Templates, Views, Layouts and WordPress Archives.

Running the Installer is optional. It allows you to:

  • automatically install Toolset plugins
  • set up default layouts, templates and archives

Bootstrap Theme Installation Process

Firstly, to install the theme you need to open this big folder ‘Theme’ with 9MB of size. Found and open a file called ‘Theme-Files”. Inside this file, you will see 2 files, with something like 3.4MB of size in.ZIP format and theme-child .zip. As a result, you need to extract/remove/unzip the with 3.4. All you need to do is click on this file and drag it and drop this file on your desktop area. Finally, it will unzip the theme and you will get the ready-to-install file.



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