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Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1.2 is Here with Font Awesome 5, Page Enhancement, and Several Fixes & improvements

Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1.2 is Here with Font Awesome 5, Page Enhancement, and Several Fixes & improvements

Hello Helix Ultimate users! Your most desired Helix Ultimate update (v1.1.2) is finally here. This time, we’ve updated Helix Ultimate with Font Awesome 5, page enhancement, and several fixes & improvements. At JoomShaper, we listen to the users more and bring features & improve performance accordingly. Today’s Helix Ultimate update is a reflection of what our users wanted and recommended us to do at different times. I am sure, you all are going to like what it is going to bring.

Helix Ultimate v1.1.2 will improve your overall experience and enable you to use Font Awesome 5. Also, from now on, you will be able to use the “alt” tag with blog feature images. Alongside that, there are a lot more things in this update. Let’s take a look at the changelog first.

Helix Ultimate v1.1.2 Changelog:

  • New: Font Awesome 5
  • New: Option to add “alt” tag to the blog feature image
  • New: “404” position to the error page
  • Update: Coming soon and site offline pages enhanced
  • Update: Blog social share improved
  • Update: Google web font list
  • Update: Google Fonts importer improved
  • Fix: JS console error after JavaScript compression
  • Fix: Sticky header bounce issue
  • Fix: frontend-edit.css file loading error
  • Fix: User registration page T&C CSS issue
  • Fix: Login/Signup page radio button issue
  • Fix: Login/Signup page tooltip disappear issue

Upgraded to Font Awesome 5

You have been using Font Awesome 4 in Helix Ultimate so far. But with today’s update, you will be able to use Font Awesome 5 icons. Font Awesome has upgraded its version. Now they want the users to use the new Font Awesome 5. It comes with 3 different icon styles, a separate category for brand icons, and many more. You can enjoy anything that Font Awesome 5 offers you. For all of the icons you used of Font Awesome 4, we made it compatible with Font Awesome 5 with a shims file.

Page Enhancement

Having the system to use both Offline and Coming Soon pages separately, you can offer the Offline login form on the Coming Soon page. We’ve enhanced both of the pages to meet your needs with them.

SEO Enhancement (“alt” Tag)

Having the “alt” tag with images on your site helps search engines recognize the images. Using images with the right “alt” tag will increase your chances to rank higher on search engine result pages. For the feature images, it will add a great value since they hold the most relevant images of blog posts. So, this enhancement is going to improve the overall SEO score of your posts on the site.

We thank all of you who helped us decide on the features and reported issues. Many of you have been waiting for this update. Now, it’s time to update Helix Ultimate and start using Font Awesome 5 with other cool improvements. Please share your thoughts with us. Good luck!


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