WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels
WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels or Advanced Product Labels plugin, you can create labels easily and quickly. Promote your free products, show “Free Shipping” or other special attributes of products. By using conditions you can add each label to specific products in your shop.

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✅ Custom notices labels on products
✅ Label for products by specific conditions
✅ Label by: product name, product category, sale status, stock status, bestsellers position, price, total sales count
✅ Custom text and discount percentage type of label
✅ Custom background colour and text colour for each label
✅ Custom position for each label
✅ Multiple labels for one product
✅ CSS templates
✅ Custom Image template
✅ Better position for labels
✅ Font size for labels
✅ z-index for labels


✅ 25+ CSS and Image templates
✅ Opacity for label
✅ Labels for each product
✅ Label by: product age, stock quantity, sale price
✅ Custom image and time left for the discount type of label
✅ Custom border and font size for each label
✅ Labels can be rotated from -90deg to 90deg
✅ Labels can be added to products with specific attribute values

With the Advanced Product Labels extension, you can create labels easily and quickly to grab your customer’s attention. Promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts for one or a range of your products.

By using the easy-to-use conditions you can target specific products in your shop to display a label.

Download “WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels” view – Downloaded 1 time – 67 KB

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