WooCommerce API Manager

WooCommerce API Manager turns WooCommerce Products into an API Resource that can be accessed with an API Key, aka License Key. API Resources (products) are software, a service, an iPhone or Android App, a membership, a subscription, or anything that can be accessed over the Internet. The most frequently used Product types are Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group. Subscription product types are created using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

How does it work? The customer buys one or more API Key activations that can be used for an API Resource, then uses the API Key to access the API Resource, which is the product or service, and the WooCommerce API Manager controls access to the API Resource for the length of time set for that API Resource. For even more advanced API Resource time management, the WooCommerce API Manager works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions

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The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with an API Key, by acting as a WooCommerce Software License Manager. When used for software the API Key is exactly like using a License Key, as both provide access to a resource. By using an API Key, client software has a full range of options to activate, deactivate, check the status of activation, get information about updates, check for updates, and more. All software downloads use secure, expiring, URLs to insure only your customers have secure access to the software that was purchased. Software downloads can come from the WooCommerce store server, Amazon S3, or a remote server.

To make selling API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes really easy, after purchasing the WooCommerce API Manager access is granted to a PHP Library, maintained in a private Github repository, that can be dropped into a plugin and theme in less than 5 minutes to be ready for use with the WooCommerce API Manager.

Use API Keys How You Want to Use Them

There are three types of API Key types that provide a flexible API Key model for any store.

  1. Master API Key: Can be used to activate any API Resource purchased with this single API Key. Providing a one-key solution to makes its use easier and more convenient for the customer, which improves satisfaction. Customer access to all API Resources can be turned off by the store owner using the Master API Key if required.
  2. Product Order API Key: Can be used to activate a single API Resource from a single order. Can be used for more fine-grained control by the store owner, or by the customer who may choose to allow employees, or a friend, to use only that API Key.
  3. Associated API Key: Can be generated by another plugin, site, or imported, and stored in a custom table that is used by the WooCommerce API Manager when the API Key is associated with an API Resource. This allows store owners to use API Keys in a custom way.

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