Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices
Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices

Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices is an advanced bulk edit WordPress plugin that makes it very easy to bulk edit WooCommerce product fields such as Product Title, SKU, Catalog Visibility, Featured Products, Description, Short description of the product, Product Image, Gallery Images, Stock, Quantity, Regular Price, Sale Price, Shipping Class, Weight, Dimensions, Attributes & Any Custom Product Meta Fields. You can also delete filtered products in bulk.

Woocommerce Bulk Edit Variable Products & Prices plugin allows you to bulk edit WooCommerce more than 10,000 products at a time, whether it’s Variable or Simple Product. You can filter the products to edit using the Filter option provided by the plugin. Filters can be applied using various parameters like Type of the Product, Category of the Product, Attributes, Price, etc. A wide range of Filtering can be set using RegEx patterns and also, exclusions can be configured. You will even be able to undo the last bulk edit operation either completely or partially.

Works well with WooCommerce Variable Products

If you have many products in your store, with variations, this plugin is really useful to keep your store updated or modify various attributes of the products in a few clicks. It’s the fastest way to switch the store to a new WooCommerce store with updated pricing and attributes.

Few of the Use Cases are given below:

  • Update the regular or sale price of all variations products within one selected product category.
  • Bulk Add/Update Sales Price based on the Regular Price.
  • Increase or decrease all prices in a category by a set percentage (%) or dollar($) value.
  • Bulk add sale prices to products that do not currently have sale prices active.
  • Update SKU and Stock of all simple products that have a particular price.
  • During the sale, the period changes the Sale Price of your products in a particular category.
  • Update Attributes/Prices for those products starts/ends/contains a specific string in the title Or matches a specific regular expression (RegEx).
  • Bulk update Dimensions for all products except for a particular Category of Products (configured using Exclusion list).
  • And many more…

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  • Features

    Filter Products

    If you are bulk editing only specific products, filters would make your work way easier. You can filter out your required products, without affecting other products. Following properties can be configured to filter the woocommerce products for bulk edit:

    • Product Title
    • Product Tags
    • Product Type
    • Product Categories
    • Product Attributes (Group with And / Or )
    • Product Attributes Values
    • Product Regular Price

    Filtering is possible based on various conditions (Eg: Title Starts With | Ends With | Contains Text | Regex Match, Price Greater Than | Less Than | Equal To | Between, Etc.).

    Further, if you wish to exclude certain products from the filtered products, you can do this using Product IDs and Product Categories.

    Bulk Edit Product Properties

    You can bulk edit one or multiple product properties at once. With this, you can save time for updating multiple product properties.
    You can bulk edit:

      • Product Title
      • Product SKU (For Both Product and Variations)
      • Catalogue Visibility
      • Featured Product
      • Shipping Class
      • Description Action
      • Short Description Action
      • Product Image
      • Product Gallery Images Action
      • Regular Price (%, $, +/-)
      • Sale Price (%, $, +/-)
      • Manage Stock
      • Stock Quantity
      • Allow Backorders
      • Stock Status
      • Length
      • Width
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Product Attributes
      • Product Categories
      • Custom Product Meta-Fields (from third-party plugins)

    You can also delete the filtered products by moving them to trash or deleting them permanently.

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