WooCommerce Composite Products
WooCommerce Composite Products

WooCommerce Composite Products or Composite Products is an elegant, robust tool for creating powerful product configurators and kit-builders. Engineered specifically for kitting applications with advanced inventory management and scalability requirements, the Composite product type works great in a broad range of use cases, thanks to its:

  • advanced product grouping capabilities,
  • flexible pricing and shipping features,
  • customizable flows and layouts, and
  • support for conditional logic.

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Composite Products is an advanced product kitting toolkit for WooCommerce that allows you to:

  • Create product kits consisting of multiple configurable components.
  • Customize many aspects of their configuration flow, layout and appearance.
  • Introduce dependencies between component options.
  • Create multiple configuration paths by conditionally hiding entire components.
  • Use discounts to make your kits more appealing.

The Composite product type is a great alternative to the Variable type, better suited for applications with complex pricing, shipping and inventory management requirements.

For an optimal customer experience in a wide range of kitting applications, the appearance of Composite products in the front-end is highly customizable. For large-scale kitting applications, the extension supports a step-by-step configuration process and a paginated, sortable and filterable view of component options.


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