WooCommerce Continue Shopping Link
WooCommerce Continue Shopping Link

WooCommerce Continue Shopping Link v3.1 WordPress Plugin will Increase sales by adding a Continue Shopping link to the shopping cart and checkout pages in your Woo Commerce store. Also, The link can be styled by using the CSS class WooCommerce Continue Shopping link to look however you like.

When a customer is redirected to the Cart page after the addition of a product, there is a ‘Continue Shopping’ button. As a default, this button takes the customer back to your website Home Page.

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This can be very annoying for customers who want a smooth flowing shopping process.

This can now be solved with the click of a button. This plugin adds a list of options into the WooCommerce Settings page that allows you to easily alter where this button will take your customers.

You can choose between the preset locations below:

– Homepage
– Shop
– Most recently visited Product
– Most recently visited Category

Finally, there is a fifth option of your own custom link. This can be used to allow you to push customers back to a custom Landing page, or your best selling product.


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