WooCommerce Drip Integration Plugin
WooCommerce Drip Integration Plugin

WooCommerce Drip Integration Plugin connects your WooCommerce store to a Drip Email Marketing account, allowing you to track conversations, sales (events) and lifetime value. You can also add a checkbox to let customers subscribe to your Drip campaigns.

Requirements WooCommerce Drip Integration Plugin

  • A Drip account with a monthly fee. More info at getting Drip – Pricing Plans.

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  1. Download the extension from your WooCommerce.com Dashboard.
  2. Go toPlugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file.
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate.

When a sale is made in your store, WooCommerce Drip does a few different things:

  • Goal Conversion: A conversion goal will (optionally) be achieved in your Drip account.
  • Event Recorded: An event for the sale will be recorded in the subscriber’s history.
  • Lifetime Value: The lifetime value of the subscriber will be updated, so you can see how much value these customers have been, not just in one order but all of the orders they’ve made.
  • Subscriber Name: The name custom field will be updated with the subscriber’s name used during checkout.
  • Subscriber Tag: The subscriber will be given a tag of Customer, so you can easily see which subscribers are actually customers.
  • Purchased Products: The products purchased by a user are recorded too, so you can target broadcasts and campaigns at certain product owners. You could even sell Drip campaigns using this method!

Subscribe Checkbox

WooCommerce Drip also comes with an optional ‘Subscribe to Campaign’ checkbox that can be turned on and added to the checkout and account registration forms. You can choose the campaign for it to sign users up to and even customise the text it uses next to the checkbox.


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