WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin
WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

WooCommerce Email Customizer or Email Customizer WooCommerce is a plugin to design branded email templates to replace WooCommerce emails. The existing feature of WooCommerce product tracking with email updates to the customer added to notify with their product delivery. The plugin adds a custom status “Product Delivered” with a customizable email template. You can change the template in the way you want it to adorn.

CUSTOM TEMPLATES for WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin

  • Craft unique email template for new user registration, reset password and customer note.
  • Preview the email template before it reaches your customer’s inbox.
  • Simple drag & drop to design email templates.

Stay close with your customers by keeping them in touch on each stage of your product delivery process.

Also, Get WooCommerce Email Attachments


  • The Premium version has all the features of the Free version.
  • Send Product based and category-based emails.
  • Embed digital signature in each WooCommerce order emails.
  • Send test emails to take a look at how the emails delivered to the customer mailbox.
  • Craft your own subject lines.
  • The layout of the default and custom status “Product Delivery” template can be customized.

Allows you to customize the design of all the emails your customer receives from you.No one likes a boring email. Truth’s the truth, and there’s a missed opportunity in sending stock standard messages in your transactional emails. WooCommerce Email Customizer allows you to click, drag and drop using the built-in WordPress Customizer to visually modify the design of your email templates. No coding knowledge required; hello customized UX.

tore owners can customize WooCommerce Transactional Emails using a visual template builder. The plugin lets you style all your WooCommerce emails with custom templates, by including static and GIF images, buttons, social media icons, and lot more to your email Beautiful Customized WooCommerce Emails Email Customizer


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