WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is a free web analytics tool that tracks visitors and pageviews on your site. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro integrates with your Google Analytics account to track eCommerce events in your store, including advanced event tracking such as purchases, product reviews, coupon usage, full order refunds, and more.

Uses enhanced eCommerce tracking to provide valuable metrics on your store’s performance.

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  1. Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Click the Configure link and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

Setup and Configuration

Configure the plugin by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Integrations. You will see ‘Google Analytics Pro’ listed as an option. Click this to see the settings.

Extension Settings

  • Enable GA Tracking – Enable/check this to enable Google Analytics tracking. Disable this to disable tracking completely.
  • Google Analytics Property – Click to authenticate the plugin with the Google Analytics Property for your site.
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID – (If manually entering a tracking ID — not recommended) Input your Google Analytics property’s tracking ID to track events under the correct property.
  • Track Administrators? – Enable this to track actions by administrators and shop administrators. Leave disabled to exclude events from these users.
  • Tracking Options – Determine if you want to enable Display AdvertisingUse Enhanced Link AttributionAnonymize IP address (may be required by your country), and / or Track User IDs. We recommend anonymizing IP addresses and tracking user IDs, as tracking user IDs counts logged in users as one user (even across multiple devices), making your user count more accurate.
  • Track Product impressions on – Determine when product impressions should be tracked: on single product pages, and / or archive pages (ie the shop). If you encounter “No HTTP response detected” errors, chances are you’re tracking more impressions than Google Analytics allows; please remove “Archive pages” from this setting if so.
  • Logging – Log nothing (default), or turn on to add debugging information to the PHP error log. Be careful when enabling this on a busy site, as it can quickly flood the PHP error log. For best performance, leave logging disabled unless you experience issues with the plugin.


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