WooCommerce Group Coupons Plugin
WooCommerce Group Coupons Plugin

WooCommerce Group Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce, that allows limiting coupons by groups and roles. Automatically apply and restrict coupon validity for user groups. Offer exclusive, automatic and targeted discounts for your customers.


  • To restrict coupons by role, no specific requirements need to be met.
  • To restrict coupons by group, the free Groups membership plugin is required.
  • To automatically assign users to groups based on product purchases, the WooCommerce Groups extension is recommended, but it is not a requirement for this extension’s features to be fully supported.

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Setup and Configuration

The extension is basically setup-free and provides default settings that suit most sites.

A new menu item WooCommerce > Group Coupons gives access to several options that can be adjusted:

  • Automatic group coupons – Enables options to apply coupons automatically based on group memberships with
  • the free Groups membership plugin.
  • Coupon error message – Allows customizing the notice shown when a customer tries to apply a coupon code which is restricted to a group to which the user does not belong.
  • Roles – Enables coupon restriction options by WordPress user role.
  • Logout – This provides an option to completely remove any coupons applied to a cart after a user logs out.

New Coupon Settings

Once the plugin is installed and activated, coupons will show additional settings under Coupon data.

  • A new subsection related to Groups
  • A second subsection for Roles

The subsection related to Groups allows limiting the coupon to be used only by members of one or more groups, to apply the coupon automatically to members of one or more groups and to exclude one or more groups from being able to use the coupon.

The second new subsection related to roles allows limiting the coupon to be used only by users that have one or more roles.


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