Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount Plugin
Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount Plugin

WooCommerce MailChimp Discount is a simple plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to show a form to your users which are integrated with your MailChimp account.

So when a new user enters their email in the form they easily subscribed with your MailChimp account and in return, they will get a discount on their registered email id.

WooCommerce Mailchimp Discount Integration is so much more than a “subscribe to our newsletter” during checkout plugin. This Mailchimp WooCommerce plugin is the ultimate in WooCommerce Mailchimp integration. It’s overflowing with features.

This plugin gives your WooCommerce store a subscription popup that’s highly effective for building an email list but does so with an incentive. New subscribers receive a coupon code!

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Many features:

  • integrates with Mailchimp’s Advanced Autoresponders
  • signup fields associated with Mailchimp merge tags
  • previously unsubscribed customers skipped
  • Advanced Campaign Targeting enabled
  • new customers automatically added
  • Ecommerce360 support
  • advanced reporting
  • widget shortcode
  • and much more

Use Following parameters with shortcode for WooCommerce MailChimp Discount

  • Width:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount width=”100%”] (For 100% width)
  • Button Width:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount btn_width=”auto”] ( For button auto width. You can use ‘100px’, ‘200px’ )
  • Button Align:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount btn_align=” centre”] (Align button centre. If you want to align button left then use ‘left’ or if you want to align ‘right’ then use ‘right’ )
  • Layout:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount layout=” vertical”] (For vertical align the form fields use ‘vertical’. For horizontal use ‘horizontal’)
  • Top Text:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount top_text=” Get 10% Discount”] (Use top_text followed by text that you want to show text above the form)
  • Top Text Align:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount top_text_align=”left”] (Use top_text_align to show the top text left or right of the form. You left for left-aligned. Use right for right-aligned)
  • Top Text Color:
    [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount top_text_color=”#ccc”] (Use color code for which the top text would be shown )


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