WooCommerce Min Max Quantities
WooCommerce Min Max Quantities

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities or Min/Max Quantities extension for WooCommerce allows you to define the minimum and maximum allowable product quantities per product, order or variation. It also lets you define a group quantity if your product must be bought in groups of x.

Installation for WooCommerce Min Max Quantities

  1. Download the extension from your dashboard.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities from the Plugins menu within WordPress.

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Order-level Rules

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General to view the settings:

All settings are optional and should be numeric integer (whole number) values.

  1. Minimum Order Qty – Customer must purchase no less than this quantity of items to checkout.
  2. Maximum Order Qty – Customer must purchase no more than this quantity of items to checkout.
  3. Minimum Order Value – Customer’s cart contents must cost more than this amount.
  4. Maximum Order Value – Customer’s cart contents must cost less than this amount.
Products can be made exempt from these rules within their settings. See below.

Product-level Rules

Edit a product within your WordPress admin and look inside the product data panel. You will see the following:

Like the order settings, these are all optional. Numeric values should be whole numbers.

  1. Minimum quantity – Customer must purchase more than this amount.
  2. Maximum quantity – Customer must purchase less or equal to this amount.
  3. Group of… – Enter a quantity to only allow this product to be purchased in groups of X
  4. Order rules: Do not count – Exclude orders from the counts of the above per-order rules.
  5. Order rules: Exclude – Exclude from the per-order rules entirely.
  6. Category rules: Exclude – Exclude from category group-of-quantity rules.

Download “WooCommerce Min Max Quantities plugin” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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