WooCommerce NAB Transact Direct Post
WooCommerce NAB Transact Direct Post

WooCommerce NAB Transact Direct Post extension allows you to use NAB Transact as a credit card processor. You can process Visa and Mastercard by default, and optionally accept American Express, UnionPay (UPOP), Diners Club and JCB after activation from NAB. The gateway also supports Subscriptions, refundsrisk management3D Secure and pre-authorization.


  • An active NAB Transact online merchant account (see above)
  • A trusted SSL certificate
  • AUD as your payment currency

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Installing NAB Transact

  1. Purchase and download the plugin zip file from WooCommerce.com.
  2. Contact NAB Transact for your Client ID and transaction password.
  3. Login to your WordPress Admin. Click on Plugins | Add New from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click on the “Upload” option, then click “Browse” to select the zip file from your computer. Once selected, press “OK” and press the “Install Now” button.
  5. Activate the plugin.

Setup and Configuration

  1. To configure the plugin, click on WooCommerce | Settings from the left-hand menu, then the top tab “Payment Gateways”. You should see “NAB Transact” as an option in the list.
  2. You should see “NAB Transact” displayed across the top of the page as a link also. Click on this to configure the plugin, and you will see a list of options:
  3. Tick to “Enable this payment method”.
  4. The “Title” option allows you to determine what your customers will see this payment option displayed as. You might choose for this to be something like “NAB Transact” or “Credit card”.
  5. Select which “Integration Method” you wish to use. You can see a brief overview of the two methods.
  6. [Direct Post only] The “API Version” option allows you to revert to V1 of the NAB Transact API if you have the need to do so. Otherwise, leave it on V2 to take advantage of the faster fingerprint generation and support for Risk Management and UnionPay.
  7. The “Enable Test Mode” option allows you to test transactions with this payment gateway to ensure your details are correct. See below for testing details.
  8. Your “NAB Client ID” will be of the format “ABC0010″, where ABC is your unique three-letter account code.
  9. Your “NAB Password” will be provided by NAB Transact.
  10. Enter a “Reference ID prefix” if you wish to customize the reference listed in your NAB Transact transaction listing. You can further customize this by using the woocommerce_nab_dp_reference_id filter.
  11. Disable “Capture charge immediately” if you wish to only process pre-authorizations during checkout. If this is set, after successful checkout the order will have a status of On-Hold. When you change this order to Processing or Completed the payment will be captured automatically.
  12. Enable “Risk Management” if NAB has enabled this feature on your account.
  13. [Direct Post only] Enable “3D Secure” if NAB has enabled this feature on your account and you wish to use the Verified By VISA and/or Mastercard SecureCode.
  14. [3D Secure only] If you’ve enrolled in 3D Secure with NAB you’ll need to enter your EB Number provided by NAB on this page.
  15. [Direct Post only] Enable “UnionPay Online Payments” if NAB have enabled this feature on your account and you wish to accept Chinese UnionPay cards on your website. See the note below about the UnionPay checkout process.
  16. If you have arranged with NAB Transact to accept American Express, Diners Club or JCB cards, tick these boxes to advise customers they can use these card types on the payment screen.

Download “WooCommerce NAB Transact Direct” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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