WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form
WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form or product enquiry form extension adds a tab to each of your product pages allowing customers to contact you via form to enquiry, specifically about that product. The store manager received the email and can then reply to the customer directly. The form is protected by reCAPTCHA verification.

Installation for WooCommerce Product Enquiry

  1. Download the extension from your dashboard
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate ‘WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form’ from the Plugins menu within WordPress

Setup and Configuration for Woo Commerce Product Enquiry

To configure the shop manager email and reCaptcha settings:

Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Enquiries.

Give customers the opportunity to enquire about a product before purchasing

The product enquiry form module extends WooCommerce by adding an extra tab to each of your product details pages. The tab displays a reCAPTCHA protected form which visitors can use to enquire about any specific product.

The store manager receives the emails and can then respond to the user directly.

The product enquiry form is a great extension for stores selling complex, unique or expensive products which a customer may wish to know more information about before checkout.

Customer Facing Form

When enabled, the extension will display a new tab “Product Enquiry” on the product page:

Details can be entered into the form and when your customer clicks “Send Enquiry”, an email will be sent to the store owner.

Customer Submitted Email

The form is sent as an email to the store owner only, and shows similar to below:

  • The Customer Name will be replaced with the name entered on the form
  • The customer email will be shown after their name
  • A full link to the product enquired about is listed with the name
  • The enquiry details are included

The store owner can then reply to the customer directly with any needed comments.

Download “WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Extension” view – Downloaded 1 time – 67 KB


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