Woocommerce Shopping on Instagram
Woocommerce Shopping on Instagram

Woocommerce Shopping on Instagram allows you to market and sell products using the Instagram mobile app and is available to all WooCommerce store owners who meet Shopping on Instagram requirements.

Many shoppers are visual, and this gives them a channel to engage, explore, and buy.

Requirements for Woocommerce Shopping on Instagram

  • WooCommerce store with physical products
  • Instagram app for iOS or for Android – most current version
  • Instagram account with an approved business profile
  • Facebook Page catalogue to link to Instagram business profile

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Setup and Configuration

This guide walks you through the setup of Shopping on Instagram with WooCommerce in steps.

Prepare your WooCommerce Store and Products

  1. Use our Setup Wizard to start a new store. Or ensure your current store is updated and ready for visibility on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Add new products or manage existing ones. More at: Adding and Managing Products.
  3. Ensure that physical products to be promoted are in compliance with the Facebook Commerce Policy.

Create a Facebook Page and Catalog

  1. Go to Facebook and Create a Page for your Business.
  2. Go to Catalog Manager and Create a Catalog.
  3. Add products to your Catalog.
    • Less than 50 items: Manually create items in the catalog.
    • 50 items or more: Use the free Facebook for WooCommerce extension to Import Your Products to Facebook and auto-sync products via Pixel.
  4. Create a Product Set if there is a group of items you wish to promote together (optional; only if relevant).

If you have a Woo Commerce store, you have even more Insta-opportunity: Shopping on Instagram makes it simpler than ever to move people from your photos to checkout.

Let’s leverage the power of Shopping Instagram for your business!

Shopping on Instagram allows you to link photos on your Instagram account to products for sale by adding tags. It’s a natural fit for eCommerce stores:


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