WooCommerce Social Login Plugin

WooCommerce Social Login Plugin, a plugin that allows your potential customers to access your e-commerce site through their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.
A simple action, that yet makes your life and your shop management much easier: your users feel more comfortable in your site, login is just a click far and their propensity
to purchase becomes much higher. Research proves that three-quarters of users prefer social login to registration forms and this increases conversion rates and therefore also sales.

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Features for WooCommerce Social Login Plugin:

Login buttons are automatically added in the following pages:

From option panel, you can change the text of the labels displayed above login buttons and the text in the checkout page.

Why Use WooCommerce Social Login?

  • Connect your store’s customer accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, Disqus, Yahoo, and VK
  • Offer to link accounts on the “Order Received” page for easier checkout in the future
  • Make account access and checkout easy and seamless – customers don’t need to remember another username and password
  • Reduce friction for repeat purchases – customers typically stay signed in to social networks, which means they sign back into your site with one click.
  • Improve security and increase trust by using social sign-on
  • Over 77% of consumers prefer social login when using an eCommerce site.
  • Social sign-in can, therefore, lead to increased conversion rates – here’s an example with over 10% increase.
  • Customers prefer social sign-in for security and personalization.
  • 90% of people have encountered social login before, and more than half of people use it.
  • Social accounts are tied to a WordPress user account so that accounts can be accessed even if social accounts are unlinked.
  • View reporting on linked accounts and see which customers have added accounts from the “Users” list
  • Works with Product Reviews Pro to show login buttons when adding, voting on, or watching reviews NEW


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