WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Themes
WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Themes

WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Themes is developed in a modular format for complete flexibility. Use the pre-defined homepage layout, or select the widgetized homepage to place whatever modules you would like to display, in whatever order.

The theme also has support for WooDojo, WooCommerce and the Features and Testimonials plugins. Memorable includes a Business Page Template built with WooSlider support (must be purchased separately) and a Widgetized Page Template.

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WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce

Adding your Logo

You have two options when adding a logo to your site. You can either use a text-based Site Title and optional Tagline or you can use an image-based logo as shown in the demo.

To upload your own image-based logo:

  1. Go to: Memorable > Settings > General Settings.
  2. Upload your logo image – we recommend using either a .jpg or .png for this.
  3. Save All Changes.

If you don’t have an image-based logo, you have the option to add your Site Title and Tagline, you will find the settings for this just below the logo image upload area.

To enable the text-based Site Title and Tagline:

  1. Go to: Settings > General to enter your site title and tagline.
  2. Go to: Memorable > Settings > General Settings and check the box to enable the text-based site title and tagline.
  3. Optionally Enable the site description and adjust the typography settings.
  4. Save All Changes.

Theme Header Options for WooThemes Memorable WooCommerce Themes

To add a custom background image, your Phone Number, a Hero Product or an Intro Message to the Header of your theme, go to Memorable > Settings > Header.

  • Upload a background image – select the Use This Image option after uploading to set image. Please note that the header image used in the demo is designed with black transparency saved in the image file.
  • Enable Telephone Number – to add the Phone Number go to Memorable > Settings > Contact Page settings.
  • Enable the Hero Product or Intro Message in the right section of your header – on secondary pages only.
  • Select the Section to Display dropdown option for the Hero Product or Intro Message.
  • Go to: Memorable > Settings > Header > Hero Product or Introductory Message to configure the additional options


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