WooThemes Scrollider WooCommerce Themes
WooThemes Scrollider WooCommerce Themes

WooThemes Scrollider WooCommerce Themes comes bundled with a unique featured slideshow, powered by our own FlexSlider. The content of your homepage scrolls over the slideshow when scrolling, as well as causing the slideshow’s content to fade out, relative to your scrolling.

Included along with this is a unique 1-3 column widgetized homepage content area (choose dynamically between 1, 2 or 3 columns, depending on how many of the widgetized areas you use), as well as several slideshow-driven widgets, developed specifically for (and bundled with) Scrollider.

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Menus for WooThemes Scrollider WooCommerce Themes

There are two menu locations included in this theme:

  • Primary Menu – This is the menu that sits to the right of your logo.
  • Top Menu – This is the smaller menu area at the very top of the theme.

To set up your menus go to Appearance > Menus

Homepage Area (3-col)

Scrollider’s homepage contains a unique 1 to 3 column design. This is controlled by adding widgets to the “Homepage Left”“Homepage Centre” and “Homepage Right” widgetized areas. If you add widgets only to “Homepage Left”, those widgets will take up the full width of the homepage content area. If you add widgets to two of the areas, each column will take up half of the homepage content area. If you add widgets to all three of these columns, you will receive a 3 column layout.

You can also define a heading for this area if you go to Homepage Options > Homepage Setup.

NOTE: for the home page to work properly, the Reading Settings need to to have the Front page displays set to Your latest posts

Homepage Area (full-width)

There is also a “Homepage Full” widget area, for displaying custom content in a full-width area below the columns section.

By default, this content is displayed as “News from the Blog”. This can be overridden by any one or more widgets, which will all display in full-width.


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