YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce Premium
YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce Premium

YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce Premium is a plugin that allows you to sell different kinds of tickets for the events advertised on your shop.

A very intuitive interface that helps you create a new event in a few clicks, set the number of tickets available and the selling price for each single ticket.

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Installation Instructions

Install the plugin in your WordPress platform: add the .zip file you have downloaded in the WordPress plugins directory (wp-content->plugins). You can also achieve the same result using the upload feature of WordPress to upload the Zip file.
Then click on the Add new option in you can find in Plugins, anc click on the “Upload Plugin button.

YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce Premium Features

    • Set a different price for each “Event ticket” product
    • Enable the automatic stock management for ticket sales
    • Show the event start and end date on the product page
    • Insert one or more input fields to acquire information related to the ticket the user is purchasing
    • When the order completed the user will receive an automatic email including the ticket as an attachment
    • PDF of event ticket can be downloaded from “My Account” page
    • The user can view, download or print the ticket from “My Account” page
    • Add a barcode to each ticket by using YITH WooCommerce Barcodes plugin (not included)
    • Track all the tickets sold thanks to the dedicated section
    • Take advantage of the integration with Google Calendar: the event is saved automatically in the buyer’s Google calendar
  • Enable the sale of full price and, optionally, reduced-price tickets for the event
  • Increase the ticket price when the availability is under the configured threshold
  • Increase the ticket price when the event start date is approaching
  • Remove or hide an expired event automatically New
  • Allow selecting one or more additional services for the event: each service can have a cost and a limited availability
  • Link a location to the event through Google Map services
  • View the event organizers and the complete list of people who purchased one or more tickets in the event detail page
  • Use the widget to show a calendar that helps the user to have a view of the events of the month in a fast way
  • Enable file downloading after purchasing the ticket
  • Search tickets by ticket number, ticket barcode, and order barcode
  • Check-in for the ticket

Download “YITH Event Tickets For WooCommerce” view – Downloaded 1 time – 67 KB


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