YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System Premium
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System Premium

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System Premium or YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce makes refund requests accessible and easily manageable both from the user’s and the customer’s side.

With Advanced Refund System, you can integrate an advanced system that lets you manage refund claims for one or more items your customers have purchased.

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Main features for YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System Premium

  • Allow customers to request refunds for the entire order.
  • Customers can send messages to the admin, and the admin can answer them.
  • Approve or reject refund requests. Set on processing for physical products. If needed, set the request on hold status.
  • Close the request when you want to close the exchange of messages on a specific refund request.
  • Send email notifications to customers every time the request status is updated.

Installation Instructions for YITH Woo Commerce Advanced Refund System Premium

Install the plugin in your WordPress platform: add the .zip file you have downloaded in the WordPress plugins directory (wp-content->plugins). You can also achieve the same result using the upload feature of WordPress to upload the Zip file.
Then click on the Add new option in you can find in Plugins, and click on the “Upload Plugin” button.

After completing the upload of the plugin, you can activate it. Go to “Plugins”, select the plugin and click on the Activate option so on.

How to renew the license

The license can be updated in “License” section in your reserved area of YIThemes, or in YITH Plugins -> License Activation on your site.

License updating occurs by the new purchase of the product related to the plugin. You only need to click the “Renew” button: you will be redirected to yithemes.com and the product will be automatically added to cart.

Download “YITH WooCommerce Advanced Refund System” view – Downloaded 0 times – 67 KB


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