YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing
YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing is the plugin that allows you to edit quickly one or more details for an unlimited number of products at the same time.
You will no longer need to open your products singularly and wait for the uploading of the page. With this plugin you will save a lot of time and you could edit simultaneously a wide range of products.

This guide aims to illustrate plugin features and help you solve any possible doubt raised in using the plugin.

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YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Premium v1.1.22 Changelog

v1.1.26 – Released: Jan 05, 2017
Downloadable file issue
Chosen issue in bulk edit filters
Style issue in Firefox
Issue when decrease price (and other numbers) with bulk editor

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Premium v1.1.26 – Editing multiple products can be exhausting: maybe you just want to change the price, or quickly change the small description of all products of a given category. Don’t worry: with YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing, now you can easily change all your product fields with an extreme spontaneity.

Installation Instructions

Install the plugin in your WordPress platform: add the .zip file you have downloaded in the WordPress plugins directory (wp-content->plugins). You can also achieve the same result using the upload feature of WordPress to upload the Zip file.
Then click on the “Add new” option in you can find in Plugins, anc click on the “Upload Plugin” button.

After completing the upload of the plugin, you can activate it. Go to “Plugins”, select the plugin and click on the “Activate” option.


  • Possibility to filter your products by category, regular price, and sale price before editing
  • A specific table to edit prices of the products before saving values
  • Possibility to edit prices of multiple products, setting them equal to a specific value, or increasing/decreasing them by a value or a percentage

Download “YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing” view – Downloaded 2 times – 67 KB


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