YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion Premium
YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion Premium

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion plugin lets you create a widget with few clicks in order to list the categories of the products for sale in the sidebars of your e-commerce. Thanks to the accordion feature, you will be able to show all categories and subcategories without visually weighing down the page, and making the navigation easier for your shop customers.

Also, get WooCommerce Catalog Mode Premium

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion plugin offers good usability by allowing you to manage the product categories and sub-categories which you want to include or exclude when displaying them in accordions

Best Features of YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion plugin

  • Allows to add accordion menu is WordPress Sidebar and WooSidebars with options to show only pages you need using a widget
  • You can customize the colours of the accordions and has 5 customizable styles that are helpful in branding
  • Has a very useful category sorting options and you can sort my categories by ID, Name, WooCommerce Order, and Count
  • You can easily select the categories to be shown
  • Offers multiple options arrange the WooCommerce categories
  • Can Hide empty categories in accordion
  • Show your accordion with all categories closed
  • Can keep the  subcategories open when the user is visiting the parent categories

YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion Features

  • All the features of the free version
    Set the level of the subcategories you want to show
    Set the number of categories to show
    Category sorting by ID, name, or number of associated elements
    Freedom to show tag and menu list
    Freedom to hide the list in pages, posts, and categories
    4 styles in which you can customize colours
    Choose when accordion should open (hover or click)
    Hide empty categories
    Choose whether to show the list open or as an accordion
    1 shortcode with the same features of the widget

Installation Instructions

Install the plugin in your WordPress platform: add the .zip file you have downloaded in the WordPress plugins directory (wp-content->plugins). You can also achieve the same result using the upload feature of WordPress to upload the Zip file.
Then click on the Add new option in you can find in Plugins, and click on the “Upload Plugin” button.

Download “YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion” view – Downloaded 1 time – 67 KB


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